DYNA4 is an open simulation environment for the virtual test driving of vehicles. The physical models include vehicle dynamics, powertrain, combustion engines, electric motors, sensors and traffic. Virtual test drives with DYNA4 facilitate safe and efficient function development and testing. Closed-loop simulations on the PC run faster than in real-time, which can be used in early development stages (MIL, SIL), or can be executed on Hardware-in-the-Loop systems (HIL) when ECUs are available. The 3D environment of DYNA4 simulation with road infrastructure and traffic provides virtual test fields for assisted and automated driving to ensure environmental sensibility.

Advantage of DYNA4

Functions of DYNA4

Virtual Vehicle: Models for Closed-Loop System Tests

Traffic, Environment, Sensors and 3D-Visualization

Integration, Workflows and Connectivity

♦ Comprehensive DYNA4 model component libraries

♦ Seamless integration of your Simulink models, FMUs or C-code

♦ DYNA4 as master for your simulation tool chain

♦ DYNA4 as slave with headless operation in your common work environment

♦ Easy integration into CI pipelines (Windows or Linux)

Application of DYNA4


Development and Test of ADAS and AD

  • Environment perception: Lane detection, traffic sign recognition, object detection, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) etc.
  • Comfort functions: Adaptive cruise control (ACC), parking pilot etc.
  • Safety systems: Pre-crash, front collision warning (FCW), automated emergency braking (AEB), lane keeping assistant, blind spot monitoring etc.
  • Car2x: Connected and cooperative driving
  • Driving automation: Traffic jam chauffeur, highway pilot, driverless vehicles

Vehicle Dynamics

Virtual Test Drives with Precise Vehicle Dynamics

  • Chassis control systems: Electronic stability control (ABS, ASR, ESC), active roll compensation, trailer stabilization, active suspension control etc.
  • Steering control: Power steering, rear-wheel steering, superposition steering etc.
  • Commercial vehicles with up to two trailers
  • Virtual axle and tire test stands for generation and validation of model parameters
  • Complete vehicle simulation for testing the interdependencies of networked ECUs


System Simulation and Energy Management

  • CO2 reduction: Energy consumption prognosis for vehicles with conventional, hybrid or full electric powertrains and auxiliary units
  • Predictive energy management functions
  • Hybrid control units: Development, optimization and testing of hybrid control functions

Combustion Engines

Simulation of combustion engines from MiL to HiL

  • Engine management functions and diagnosis
  • Proof-of-concept studies during early development
  • Test of engine control units and components
  • Analysis of design concepts for gasoline, diesel, and other specific engines
  • Controllers for supercharging, variable valve actuation, HCCI, and EGR
  • Test and development of controllers for exhaust aftertreatment
  • HiL for engine controllers with cylinder pressure sensing

Feasibility studies and evaluation of engine design