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Automotive V-Model CI/CD Solution

The Automotive V-Model CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) Solution is a comprehensive software development and deployment framework tailored specifically for the automotive industry. It aligns with the V-Model development process, which emphasizes a structured approach to software development, testing, and validation. This specialized CI/CD solution is designed to meet the unique demands and quality standards of the automotive sector.

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What is the CI/CD Solution offering by AutomorphSW

AutomorphSW assists customers in automating automotive development environments and processes to comply with ASPICE or ISO26262 regulations. The following is the scope of processes we support:

<h4 class="mil-accent">Process Management:</h4>

Process Management:

  • Application life cycle management tool (ALM)
  • Testcase Management
  • Issue Management
  • Software Version Control
  • Workflow automationl
<h4 class="mil-accent">Architecture Design:</h4>

Architecture Design:

  • Architecture UML Design
  • Architecture Analysis (Control flow, Data flow)
  • Architecture Simulation
  • Interface Design
<h4 class="mil-accent">Detail Design:</h4>

Detail Design:

  • Communication Database
  • Diagnostic Database
  • Unit Specification
<h4 class="mil-accent">Unit Implementation:</h4>

Unit Implementation:

  • Commercial compiler
  • Debugger and trace
<h4 class="mil-accent">Unit Test:</h4>

Unit Test:

  • Cyclomatic complexity
  • Static analysis
  • Unit function test
  • Code Coverage
<h4 class="mil-accent">Integration Test:</h4>

Integration Test:

  • Model in the loop
  • Software in the loop
  • Virtual hardware in the loop
  • Function / Call / Function call coverage
<h4 class="mil-accent">Compliance Test:</h4>

Compliance Test:

  • VH6501 Stress test
  • OEM Testpack
  • Network management test
  • UDS specification test
<h4 class="mil-accent">System Validation:</h4>

System Validation:

  • Hardware in the loop
  • Plant model modeling
  • Car dynamic simulation