CANape is a comprehensive tool supporting ECU development, and it has driver assistance systems and electric drives specifically enhanced.
By measuring signals and objects from ECUs, ADAS sensors, electric drives, buses and more, users can capture the behavior of vehicles, calibrate the parameters and use them to tune the ECUs to the vehicle.
With analysis of the measurement data manually or automatically and generation of reports for your evaluation, measurement and calibration data completes the solution. 

Advantage of CANape

Application of CANape

More Options of Special Functionalities

Various kinds of software tools to facilitate the development process of automotive software.

Driver Assistance

Recording of ADAS sensor data and object verification.


Direct connection between CANape and vMDM for the provision and analysis of measurement data.


Convenient exchange of parameter sets and values within a team.


Bypassing computation with deterministic time behavior.

Thermodynamic State Charts

Bypassing computation with deterministic time behavior.Display of thermodynamic data and informative state charts for online and offline analysis.