CANoe is a comprehensive software tool supporting the entire development process from planning to system-level test for network designers, development and test engineers. It can develop, test and analyze individual ECUs and entire ECU networks in the automotive industries and various other such as aerospace, rail transportation and so on. 
Multiple CANoe functions and configuration options are widely used by users around the globe. With its diverse application areas, it can provide accurate support to your project. 

Advantage of CANoe

Application of CANoe

More Options of Special Functionalities

Various kinds of software tools to facilitate the development process of automotive software.


CAN , Car2X , Ethernet , FlexRay , LIN , MOST

Higher Application Protocols

CANopen ,  ISO 11783 , J 1587 ,  J 1939 , SmartCharging

Measurement and Diagnostic Validation

AMD/XCP , DiVa , Scope , Sensor