Ethernet Device
VN5620/5650/5430 Interface


The VN5620 is a compact and powerful interface for the analysis, simulation, test and validation of Ethernet networks. The VN5620 interface supports a wide range of possible applications. It is suitable for synchronous Ethernet monitoring with other bus systems, network participation (e.g. in simulations and generation of frames, loads and errors in tests). The user can use Ethernet (1000BASE-T) or USB 3.0 as interface to the computer.


The VN5650 is a powerful Ethernet interface supporting Automotive Ethernet on 12 ports. It is suitable for synchronous monitoring of Ethernet networks with other bus systems. In addition, the VN5650 provides optimal network access for residual bus simulations and can be used for frame, load, and fault generation during tests. Thanks to its robust housing and the various mounting and stacking capabilities, the device is perfectly suited for use in vehicles. Ethernet (10GBASE-T) or USB 3.0 is used as the interface to the computer.


The VN5430 is a compact interface for simulation and test tasks in the Ethernet environment. The user benefits from the VN5430‘s versatile configuration options. A wide range of simulation and test scenarios can be implemented and the network topology can be maintained at the same time. Ethernet (1000BASE-T) is used as the interface to the computer.