CANdelaStudio supports users in creating and editing a formal vehicle ECU diagnostic specification with the following process steps: 

Implementing the diagnostic software→Automated conformity tests of the diagnostic software→Data supply for the various diagnostic testers in development, manufacturing and the service garage→Starting point for test sequences and scripts in diagnostic testers in production and the service garage.

Advantage of CANdelaStudio

Functions of CANdelaStudio

OEM-specific Templates

In order to handle different requirements in a single tool, CANdelaStudio supports document templates (CDDT). A document template corresponds to an OEM-specific diagnostic specification in content. It contains a formal description of all allowable basic services of the ECU and the set of mandatory content that must be implemented for every ECU. Document templates are provided by many automotive OEMs. For projects without a OEM-specific document template, a generic document template for UDS is included.

Diagnostic Specification

A diagnostic specification is created in one document for each ECU on the basis of the OEM-specific Template. It contains all diagnostic elements. The benefits include a comparison view, a wide variety of formats for importing and exporting diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), different views of diagnostic trouble codes and mass data transfer.

Multi-OEM Support

Suppliers can adapt the software of an ECU that has been developed in a former project to another OEMs diagnostic specification with CANdela Studio.

Editions and Variants of CANdelaStudio

CANdelaStudio Editions are products tailored for defined purposes

Desktop Edition

interactive work at the workplace

Desktop Edition variant: Standard

The Standard variant offers all important functionalities for the diagnostic specification. Diagnostic data to be exchanged is automatically linked to the intended diagnostic services by the template concept.

Desktop Edition variant: ViewX

The cost-effective ViewX variant allows the user to view, compare and export diagnostic requirements and diagnostic data, but not to change them.

Desktop Edition variant: Pro

In addition to the Standard variant, support for a multilingual diagnostic specification using semi-automatic translation of diagnostic data for international projects.

Desktop Edition variant: Admin

Like CANdelaStudio Pro, but here the diagnostic templates can also be created and modified. For example, changing protocol services and defining the fault memory. Target group: Users who are responsible for a global diagnostic concept for a vehicle platform.

Server Edition

automated CI/CT environments Variants are different feature sets of an edition

With the CANdelaStudio Server Editions, you can execute CANdelaStudio imports/exports in a server environment, e.g. in a continuous test/integration/deploy pipeline with Jenkins, virtual machines, Docker, etc.


The Server Editions offer a command line-oriented user interface and are available in two product variants:

Server Edition variant: Data Export (export only)

Server Edition variant: Data Exchange (import/export)