CANape is a comprehensive tool supporting ECU development, and it has driver assistance systems and electric drives specifically enhanced.
By measuring signals and objects from ECUs, ADAS sensors, electric drives, buses and more, users can capture the behavior of vehicles, calibrate the parameters and use them to tune the ECUs to the vehicle.
With analysis of the measurement data manually or automatically and generation of reports for your evaluation, measurement and calibration data completes the solution. 

Advantage of CANape

Application of CANape

Data Analysis

There are various possibilities that CANape offers for automated evaluation of measurement data with reports.


♦ Use the existing extensive function library

♦ Develop own functions with the integrated programming language, C/C++ functions and from Simulink

♦ Integrated search engine vMDM explorer helps finding the right file

♦ Large data sets are easily searched and analyzed by the data mining interface

♦ Easily link search conditions to efficiently describe and execute complex analyses

♦ Measurement data is enriched with additional metadata

♦ Print templates available for customization, reporting import and export multiple measurement file formats

♦ Export sequences from measurement files with synchronous video editing


♦ Mainly calibrate parameter online in the ECU’s memory or offline in Hex-files.

♦ Calibration in parallel with data acquisition

♦ Flashing of code and/or data

♦ Record parameter values and their changes and reconstruct parameter sets from recorded measurement data

♦ Combine parameter sets to create new versions and return the data to software development via C, H, or MATLAB M files.

♦ Manage parameter set files in vCDMStudio

♦ Parameter set files can be loaded, visualized and edited in calibration windows. Mass operations on parameter set files are also possible.


CANape records all measurement variables synchronously. Measurements can be distributed to multiple recorders in parallel. The recorders are controlled independently of each other, so triggered and continuous measurements can be performed simultaneously.


♦ Time-synchronous acquisition of physical values, ECU-internal data, video, GPS as well as bus data

♦ Unlimited large measurement files

♦ Calculate additional quantities during the measurement

♦ Minimize data volume with sophisticated trigger options with pre- and post-trigger times

♦ Enrich measurement files with freely definable metadata

♦ Different window types and user-definable panels are available for display

Electric Vehicles

In the high-voltage range, record the voltages and currents at high sampling rates, and the eMobilityAnalyzer integrated in CANape precisely calculates the performance data and much more. With simultaneous direct access to the ECU data, you get a comprehensive picture of the processes in the e-drive,

Diagnostic & Flashing

As a diagnostic tester, CANape offers the following functions:


♦ Selection, parameterization and execution of diagnostic functions in the Diagnostic Console

♦ Fault log display and clear window, symbolic display of DTCs and environmental data

♦ Integrated access to measurement, calibration and diagnostic data

♦ Analysis of all aspects of diagnostic communication in the trace window

♦ Address-oriented access to A2L-defined ECU data via diagnostic functions

♦ Visualization of the chronological sequence of diagnostic functions

♦ Scripts for automating diagnostic sequences

♦ Easy-to-use automation interface for executing diagnostic services

♦ Access to OBD data with specific display in OBD window

Flashing can be done via XCP/CCP, Diagnostic protocols, VX1000.


Log data from sensors of a wide variety of manufacturers and other data streams in the vehicle. Visualize and verify detected objects, enrich measurement data with meta data. By Smart Logger, CANape project can be transferred to the logger without any further configuration effort and the test drive can begin.

Model-based Development

CANape can be coupled with MATLAB and Simulink:


♦ Export of measurement files to MAT formats

♦ Export of measurement files to MAT formats

♦ Export of parameter files to M-Script

♦ Export of A2L and parameter file as M-script

♦ Visualization of Simulink/Stateflow models in CANape for convenient search of objects, display of measured values and calibration of parameters

♦ MATLAB has read and write access to object information from ECUs, buses, etc. via CANape’s C-API. M-script functions are available in MATLAB for this purpose

Functions of CANape

More Options of Special Functionalities

Various kinds of software tools to facilitate the development process of automotive software.

Driver Assistance

Recording of ADAS sensor data and object verification.


Direct connection between CANape and vMDM for the provision and analysis of measurement data.


Convenient exchange of parameter sets and values within a team.


Bypassing computation with deterministic time behavior.

Thermodynamic State Charts

Bypassing computation with deterministic time behavior.Display of thermodynamic data and informative state charts for online and offline analysis.