Vector AUTOSAR Service

AutomorphSW specializes in Vector AUTOSAR Technical Services, offering tailored solutions to meet your automotive software development needs. AUTOSAR software architecture has been recognized internationally, and several OEMs have requested suppliers to be compliant with AUTOSAR.  With our expertise, we provide:

BSW Configuration

The AUTOSAR BSW (Basic Software) Configuration Service is a fundamental component within the AUTOSAR framework, designed to streamline the configuration and setup of various software modules and components that make up an automotive electronic system. This service plays a crucial role in achieving standardization, scalability, and adaptability in automotive software development. Key aspects of the AUTOSAR BSW Configuration Service include:
  • Operation System
  • CAN Communication
  • Network Management
  • Crypto Stack
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Diagnostic Service

SWC Design

The AUTOSAR SWC (Software Component) Design Service is a specialized offering that focuses on the creation and development of software components within the AUTOSAR framework. These components are at the heart of automotive software systems, and their efficient design is critical to the success of any automotive electronic system. Here’s an overview of what the AUTOSAR SWC Design Service entails:
  • Interface Design
  • DataType Design
  • Architecture Design
  • Internal Behavior Design
  • Event Design

Vector MicroSAR

MICROSAR Classic ensures the basic functionality of functional, AUTOSAR-compliant software in ECUs for both single-core and multi-core processors. Vector offers many OEM-specific modules and functions that go beyond the AUTOSAR standard.

All modules can be configured, generated, and integrated according to the project requirements to represent a complete set of ECU software.

DaVinci Developer Classic

DaVinci Developer Classic is the professional tool for designing AUTOSAR Software Components (SWCs). Using convenient graphical editors, you can design the structure and interfaces of the functional software of your AUTOSAR Classic ECUs quickly and clearly which ensures a smooth integration of the functional software with the ECU’s basic software.
  • User-friendly and easy design of AUTOSAR SWCs
  • Numerous graphic editing functions
  • Check the SWCs for AUTOSAR conformity
  • Link model-based development tools via ARXML
  • Available for AUTOSAR 3.x and 4.x projects

DaVinci Configurator Classic

DaVinci Configurator Classic lets you configure and generate AUTOSAR Classic basic software (BSW) and the RTE for ECUs – whether they are BSW modules from Vector (MICROSAR Classic) or third party producers (e.g. MCALs from semiconductor manufacturers) or even BSW modules you have created yourself. The multi-stage and rule-based validation process ensures inter-module consistency of all configuration parameters.
  • Automatic parameterization of the BSW based on the OEM’s system and diagnostic descriptions
  • Specific configuration user interfaces for all areas of the BSW and the RTE
  • Easy integration of third-party modules
  • Validation of the configuration with troubleshooting tips
  • Workflow support for a continuous integration of the ECU software